Bluepeptides Company, inc. (APC) has the largest capacity for the synthesis and purification of peptides in the world.

As the volume leader in custom peptide production with automated peptide synthesizers ranging from 12L to 10,000L, Bluepeptides is committed to addressing complex solvent handling, recovery and recycling logistics.

Furthermore, Bluepeptides Company combined large-scale peptide production capabilities also include preparative HPLC lyophylization equipment as well as proprietary peptide precipitation know-how for cost effective final-step peptide isolation.bluepeptides_news

Bluepeptides additionally provides expertise in scaling complex peptides with multiple disulfide bridges or particularly long sequences (up to 60 amino acid residues) as well as lipo and carbohydrate conjugates.

In addition, the in-house development and multi-ton production capabilities pseudoproline dipeptides ensure cost-effective peptide API manufacturing and the best possible control on supply chain and regulatory requirements.